Anna Dahlström

UX designer

Fri 20 May, 2016, 14:00

Storytelling for multi-device design

As the number of devices we use on a daily basis grows, considering each device's role at different times, situations and contexts is becoming increasingly important to ensure that we deliver good experiences and stand out from the competition. Our ability to control where a user is coming from and how they get around the experiences we design is fading. Yet our need to ensure we understand where they are in their journey, so that we can deliver the right content and interactions at the right time, and on the right device, is ever more important.

Drawing on tried and tested storytelling principles from film, fiction, and music and applying them to the context of UX design and business, this workshop gives a practical walk through of why storytelling matters. It further provides you with hands on tools for how you can apply it to your multi-device design projects and to your organisation, to ensure we create better multi-device experiences for our users and healthier bottom lines for our businesses.

Coming out of the workshop you will:

  • Understand the role of storytelling and why it matters in multi-device design
  • Know what makes for a good story and how it relates to multi-device design
  • Know how to apply storytelling principles and tools to better define the multi-device landscape and your project
  • Learn how to use storytelling tools to help define and prioritise content, interactions and requirements across devices
  • Learn how to use storytelling principles to inform modular design and how your content translates from one device to another
  • Learn how to incorporate storytelling tools from start to finish to create a better user experience across devices
  • Learn how to apply storytelling principles to telling, selling and presenting your multi-device design work

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About Anna Dahlström

Anna is a UX designer and the founder of UX Fika and She’s worked client side, for startups and agencies on large variety of brands and projects, from websites and apps to TV UIs. She’s a regular speaker and an instructor for General Assembly where she’s taught more than 40 classes related to designing for multiple devices.