MAY 18-20 2016
3 days of inspiration for UX designers
Tickets on sale Dec 1st

This is a UX conference with a difference

We bring engaging industry leaders from around the world to present a combination of inspirational talks and lively, hands-on workshops.

Still buzzing around with all the new information I got from UX London. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Influential speakers

Learn from the authors, founders, directors and designers - working at companies like Google, Lego, Cooper and IDEO - who are helping push the industry forward.

Speakers include

Cennydd Bowles Cennydd Bowles

Digital Product Designer

Leah Buley Leah Buley

Analyst at Forrester Research

Abby Covert Abby Covert

Information Architect

Peter Merholz Peter Merholz

Product Manager and Design Executive

Tailored to you

Each day of the conference focusses on a specific area of UX. Our flexible ticket structure lets you immerse yourself in the whole event, or just the days most relevant to you.

Amazing talks and workshops at UX London. Batteries fully recharged with brilliant ideas and new insights.


Day 1

Design Strategy

Day One focuses on the intersection of Design Thinking and Business Strategy. Be inspired by leaders and strategic thinkers who tackle big problems and delivering meaningful experiences at scale.

Day 2

Product Design

On Day Two we turn our attention to the product world. As the network becomes more and more embedded in our daily lives, learn how the world’s most progressive product teams are facing the increasing complexity of design challenges.

Day 3

Design Practice

For Day Three, we return to our craft. Gain unique insight from the industry’s leading researchers, practitioners and makers to finish the event armed with a set of powerful new tools and techniques.

Incredible venue

Join us at an amazing space. Trinity Laban is the perfect place to unlock your creativity.

This was my first UX conference and pure awesomeness! Thank you very much and see you next year!

Don't just take our word for it

I came. I listened. I stayed. Great event, great speakers, great crowd, great venue. Learn, network. enjoy

A killer combo of program and networking; my mind is still buzzing

Louis Rosenfeld

Speaker at UX London 2011

A big 'ol CONGRATS to @UXLondon for a great conference; honored to be a part of the experience!

Stephen Anderson

Speaker at UX London 2015

Thanks again to @clearleft and crew for organizing one of the best conferences I have been to in a long time! #uxlondon

Josh Brewer


Brilliant, brilliant day of talks at @UXLondon then a @GoogleDesign workshop in the afternoon. Inspired.

Luke Godward


Thanks for the past few days @UXLondon. Great event, great location, great beer! #GoldenRod @BeerLeft @clearleft @TrinityLaban

Amanda Adamson