Ben Sauer

Senior User Experience Designer at Clearleft

Clearleft Says

As soon as Ben Sauer gave us a demo of this talk, we knew we had to have it at UX London and signed him on the spot. We were blown away and we hope you will be too!

Fri 20 May, 2016, 11:50

Open the pod bay doors, designer

Right now voice UIs like Siri are, well…. hit and miss. But all the big players are heavily investing in voice UI, let’s suppose it will be much smarter, soon. What does that mean for us designers? Will screen UI even be required? Should we be changing our workflow now? In this talk, Ben will look at the current capabilities of Voice UIs, how the APIs are connecting to apps, what’s next, and how this might change our design process and products.

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About Ben Sauer

Ben has an English degree but has also worked as a web developer, affording him that winning combination of humanities and engineering.

Before joining Clearleft, Ben was a freelance UX consultant and founder member of The Escape Committee. Over the years Ben has improved websites for travel companies, educators, publishers and charities, including Amnesty. His last freelance project was applying his web usability testing skills to a print product (one with a very small typeface!).

At Clearleft, Ben makes the interfaces between people and their digital things more humane.