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Cennydd Bowles is a Clearleft alumni who once helped us put together the UX London schedule. Most recently working as head of product design for Twitter in London, it’s fitting that he takes centre stage on our ever popular product day. While we don’t necessarily agree with his thoughts on the shift from UX Design to Product Design, it’s an interesting position worthy of more debate.

Thu 19 May, 2016, 09:30

Balanced Product Strategy

Data rules with an iron fist. Every company is unique in adopting the Lean Startup philosophy; nothing’s going in that backlog until it’s fully hypothesis-tested. The world belongs to the numerate, and product strategies are becoming evidence-based, conservative, and sometimes plain robotic.

Designers know there's got to be more to it than this. We know numbers are powerful advisers but tyrannical masters. How can we convince leaders of the limits of data-driven decisions? How can we make the case for product strategies that invest in the intangibles — trust, loyalty, love — that design engenders so well? How can we reintroduce some humanity to the future of our companies and products?

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Fri 20 May, 2016, 14:00

Motion Prototyping Essentials

Motion design is becoming a core skill for interaction designers. Across both web and native products, teams are realising the power of motion to engage, delight, and communicate.

Dozens of new tools are emerging to support motion work, but you already have one that’s both simple and surprisingly powerful: Keynote.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of motion design theory, from Disney’s classic 12 principles, through the physics of motion, to coordinating and choreographing your motion patterns across an entire product experience.

You'll then practice bringing these fundamentals into your own work using Keynote as a prototyping platform. Exercises throughout the session will cover how to scale, fade, resize, and rotate on the fly, how to transition seamlessly between two states, and how to create motion curves that go beyond drab linear motion to feel more engaging and natural.

You’ll emerge with the ability to bring your designs to life, and start providing motion prototypes that excite your colleagues and improve your products.

Please note: if you're attending this session, you should bring... a laptop with Keynote installed on it (but don't worry, it's not essential - you'll still be able to follow along without!)

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About Cennydd Bowles

Cennydd Bowles is a recognised authority on digital product design, former design lead at Twitter, and author of the popular book Undercover User Experience Design.

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