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Dan Klyn is another stalwart on the American UX and IA scene. His talk on the meaning of good was one of our favourites from 2015, so we were super excited when he agreed to deliver an updated and expanded version at UX London.

Thu 19 May, 2016, 12:15

What Good Means

Designers are expected to do so many things; the baseline expectation is that we make products or services better as the result of our work.

You don't even need to know what "good" means in order to be working and measuring in terms of "better." Simply take some measurements now, then design and launch some things, then re-measure. When the numbers go up, you're doing better than you did before.

"Better" is the tune that business calls when it pays the UX piper to do his or her work. And as you may remember, the piper story has a funny ending.

Is there a way for UX designers to know that we're doing it right that's not about being "better?" Dan Klyn is certain there is, and will share what he's learned about what good means and a different model for what it might mean, drawn from more than nineteen years of professional practice.

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Wed 18 May, 2016, 14:00

Deciding Together: Three Tools for Attaining Durable Agreement With Stakeholders

Effective expression of what the stakeholders intend for a product or service is hard; especially when there are more deciders involved than you've got fingers to count on. The bigger the pool of deciders becomes, the greater the challenge in developing the deep and durable "agreement behind the making" that's necessary for setting direction and for and unlocking the permission to build and launch complex and costly products, services and experiences.

Dan Klyn from The Understanding Group is keen to introduce you to and get you up and running with three tools for attaining that deep and durable agreement in a half­-day workshop:­

  • Getting Systematic with Intentions: using Performance Continuums ­
  • Getting Particular with Meaning: using McLuhanian Tetrads ­
  • Getting Abstract with Structure: using Maquettes

Participants will get hands­-on with each tool and will emerge from the three hour session equipped with some powerful new approaches for deciding together.

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About Dan Klyn

Dan Klyn is an information architect from Michigan, USA, whose focus in teaching and in practice has been to apply lessons from close study of architects and architecture in the built environment to the architecture and design of places made of information.