Melissa Perri

Product Manager, UX Designer, CEO of ProdUX Labs

Clearleft Says

Melissa Perri seems to have exploded onto the lean conference circuit the last 12 months and has been clocking up almost as many airmiles as Jeff Gothelf. We think you’re going to love her no nonsense take on all things lean, agile and product focussed.

Thu 19 May, 2016, 10:15

Three Star Product Experiences

El Bulli, Frantzen, Alinea, Aquavit - some of the best restaurants in the world. They didn’t achieve their Michelin Stars by doing the same thing as everyone else. Let’s take a cue from restaurants on how to take our software products from good to great. We need to forgo traditional methods of building products and turn to product management practices that deliver exceptional value to the user. Focusing on user experience, product experiments, teamwork, and solving problems will get us there.

Thu 19 May, 2016, 14:00

Designing MVP Experiments That Work

Minimum Viable Products have become a wildly misunderstood concept in product development. In some companies, MVP has even become a dirty word signifying terrible design and broken code. Not true. Good MVPs help you determine which experiences to build for your customers. It becomes clear which features you should invest in, and which ones to skip. UX Designers have an important role in creating great experiments. They make sure the test delivers value while maintaining a good user experience. This can make all the difference.

In this workshop, we’ll debunk the common misconceptions around MVPs and learn how to create effective experiments that will test your hypotheses while delivering value to your user. Hands on exercises will demonstrate the role of the UX Designer in these cross functional teams. By the end of the session, you will know what makes a good MVP and how to design one.

You will learn:

  • What are the common myths around MVPs?
  • Why are they wrong?
  • How do I maintain a great experience in an MVP?
  • What level of design is needed in an MVP?
  • How do you make sure your experiments are setup correctly?
  • What do you do when an MVP fails or succeeds?
  • How do you measure success of an experiment?

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About Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri is a Product Manager, UX Designer, speaker, and coach. As the CEO of ProdUX Labs, Melissa works with teams globally to create product strategies that satisfy users and drive business goals. She coaches Product Managers to answer two important questions before building a product – “Should we build this?" and "Why?”

When not running workshops or in house with clients, she is finishing up her book on effective product management, The Build Trap.