Molly Norris

Product Designer at Pivotal Labs

Clearleft Says

When Andy put out a request for amazing new UX speakers on Twitter, Molly Norris was recommended more than anybody else. We checked out her work and were both impressed at what we saw and annoyed with ourselves for not knowing about her sooner. So if you haven’t seen Molly speak before, we think you’re in for a treat.

Thu 19 May, 2016, 14:00

UX for Growth

Craft a user experience that inspires larger networks of people around the world to take action on behalf of your cause or brand. Come with your own challenge and leave with a blueprint to achieve your product growth goal.

Through real world case studies, we’ll cover dozens of low-cost and simple hacks that have been deployed successfully in both early stage and blockbuster startups, such as Transferwise and BlaBlaCar.

This is an interactive workshop for multidisciplinary digital professionals that covers three key aspects of building successful growth-focused products:

  1. Polish your value proposition. Streamline your product to relentlessly refine and deliver a simplified value proposition.
  2. Optimise your user engagement funnel. Change your mentality from converting to engaging.
  3. Build a scalable platform on the foundation of personalisation. Invest in technology that allows you to capture and reflect your customers’ interactions with your brand.

Leave with

  • An understanding of which UI elements drive growth
  • A set of strategic frameworks and proven tactics designed to help drive acquisition & conversion
  • A personalised blueprint for you to achieve your product growth goal

About Molly Norris

Molly Norris is a product designer with Pivotal Labs where she works with agile teams to develop innovative and highly scalable mobile and web software. Formerly, she was the Principal User Experience Designer at Blue State Digital where she led creative for the UK Labour Party and other cause-based and cultural institutions.

Previously, Molly was a designer for where she launched mobile products in East and West Africa. She also served as an in-house designer at the World Bank, and ABC News. Molly holds a Masters degree from the University of Oxford in the Social Science of the Internet. She is an advisor for several early stage social enterprises and companies operating in emerging market countries.