Rebecca Ussai

Experience Design Director at R/GA

Clearleft Says

Among UX practitioners, Rebecca Ussai and Glen Keane’s presentation on animation techniques was the highlight of SXSW. So we’re pleased to bring them over to UX London for a second outing.

Fri 20 May, 2016, 10:15

The Principles of UX Choreography

The Principles of UX Choreography is a new paradigm developed by Rebecca Ussai of R/GA and Legendary Animator, Glen Keane. Influenced by Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation and the most important communication points of user experience design, UX Choreography helps designers think about how to design with motion in order to craft experiences that are more intuitive, realistic, emotional, and enjoyable. Together, Rebecca and Glen will illustrate these principles and help the audience find a deeper story in all of their work.

About Rebecca Ussai

Rebecca is a Experience Design Director at R/GA Chicago. She has worked on accounts such as L'Oreal Paris, Tiffany & Co., Victoria's Secret, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, UFC, and Verizon. Her range of work includes a number of platform redesigns, omni-channel commerce, service design, and personalised experiences, all of which aim to develop meaningful and relevant connections between brands and users.

Rebecca is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Communication Design program, which is where her particular interest in motion design began. After unexpectedly starting a career in UX, she is finding ways to combine the techniques of motion design into the most relevant areas of user experience. Through the use of her principles of UX Choreography, she is helping designers use motion in a way that helps craft more intuitive, engaging, and delightful experiences.