Clara Gaggero Westaway

Co-founder and Creative Director, Special Projects

Clearleft Says

Clara Gaggero Westaway is one of the duo behind the Lego calendar that was all the rage on the Internets earlier in the year. Andy met her while attending The Conference in Malmo, and couldn’t wait to snap her up for UX London.

Thu 19 May, 2016, 11:30

Physical and Digital: finding the balance that makes the ordinary extraordinary

Digital interfaces open up possibilities of ubiquitous access and information sharing, physical objects feel natural to people and give them something tangible to relate to. Today’s products can fuse both the analogue and the digital to create a frictionless and delightful experience for people.

In this session, Clara will share her journey in pursuing the perfect balance of analogue and digital when designing a calendar, a paper manual for smartphones and other IoT devices.

About Clara Gaggero Westaway

Clara is an inventor, designer, user-oriented researcher and educator. She cofounded Special Projects, a product design & invention studio that creates innovative products and services by fusing the physical and digital worlds. Previously she ran the award winning design studio Vitamins.

Her design experience spans from digital services to physical products. She has worked on projects including wearable technology for pro snowboarders, an internet connected calendar made entirely out of Lego, and designed the only mobile phone user manual to be featured in the Museum of Modern Art. Her philosophy is to treat each project as a unique challenge, yet focus the process and the solutions on the user. Clara has designed for companies including the BBC, Braun, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, Burton and global startups. 

She is a visiting senior lecturer at the Royal College of Art, at Queen Mary University of London and a faculty member of Oxford University Said Business School OSLP.